Guest Editor: Top 3 Spring Beauty Trends

Hi all—It’s Ashley from Curls Fo’ The Girls! I’m back with my 3 favorite spring beauty trends. Aside from being in tune with our fashion trends, it is definitely important that our beauty routine follows suit so let’s get started!

solangeorange Orange Lips

Orange lips were definitely making waves on runway as the go-to for spring 2014. It’s a great spring/summer color because it’s bright and fun, and an all-around attention grabber. There are so many different shades of orange out there including neon and red orange, so there is definitely be a shade for everyone! I highly suggest that all other makeup be kept to a minimum to make your pout the star of the show. Luckily, I picked up an orange lipstick 2 years ago from the MAC Cosmetics “Hey Sailor” collection in ‘Sail La Vie’, which is a red orange shade with a satin finish. However, if you’re looking to go brighter, I highly suggest checking out ‘Electric Orange’ in the Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids collection. This color is not for the timid!

flawlessskin Natural Makeup, Flawless Skin

Concealers and foundations were being used on runway to hide flaws rather than to completely transform. This was definitely a great move especially because the weather is warming up. I would suggest mixing a very light concealer or foundation with sheer coverage in your moisturizer to get this look, but a BB cream is also a great option. It is light and it has an SPF, which is essential for healthy skin! This look is very simple. Although eyebrows appeared to be groomed—lightly filled in or held in place with clear gel—models skipped mascara and lippies as well. I think this look is great with a little lipgloss or that orange pout we talked about! 😉

blueshadowtrendBlue Eye Shadow/Liner

Models made bold statements by rocking blue eye shadows and liners on runway as well. Blue is a great color because anyone can wear it, and it makes the whites of one’s eyes appear brighter! ‘Cobalt blue’ was definitely the leader of the pack as it is also a fun color for the spring. If you aren’t feeling bold enough to rock bold blue shadow, a blue liner is definitely a great option. My favorite ‘Cobalt Blue’ liner comes from the L’Oreal Colour Riche collection. It glides on easily and is great for smudging! I would definitely use this shade as an accent color and line my bottom lash line for an instant pop. However, if you are feeling bold, a swipe of blue shadow on your lids is definitely on trend.

I hope that you all will try at least one of these trends. I feel that they are all simple and with proper research, you should be able to pull them off effortlessly.