Current Obsession: Metallic Flats


Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 6.36.53 PM

(Left to Right) Pierre Hardy loafer, $560 / Miu Miu leather shoes, $341 / STELLA McCARTNEY oxford shoes, $925 /Forever 21 Gold shoes, $30 / Fendi flat shoes, $395

Metallic and iridescent pieces are going to be hot this spring and summer. If you’re not ready to go all out on the statement piece, it’s easy to incorporate this trend into your shoe collection. “Loafers” weren’t necessarily an item that I would reach for while shopping. However, designers are revamping the look of loafers with a modern minimalistic design. These puppies are definitely a staple every wardrobe should have! Embracing this trend will definitely vamp up your work wardrobe and will translate well during nightlife as well. I’m obsessed with this trend because it’s so easy to embrace and it’s super fun. I purchased the forever 21 rose gold loafers and I love them!! They bring so much personality to a look, whether it’s casual or professional. Below are some options and different designs that will help you embrace this trend. When reaching for a metallic or iridescent shoe you don’t always have to go with the typical gold, rose gold or silver. This trend also comes in super fun shades like magenta and teal, so it’s easy to choose something your comfortable with and something that will compliment your style. Below are two options on how to style your new funky loafers.

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Delpozo Poplin shirt, $950 / Pala D’Oro Sleeveless cape, $55 / Apiece Apart white and black pants, $180 / Miu Miu leather shoes, $341 / Home decor, $6.06

Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 7.32.43 PM

Black Five Asymmetric-Hem Sweater, $29.99 / H&M blue jeans, $23 / Pierre Hardy loafer, $560 / Linda Farrow mirror sunglasses, $1,220

I cannot wait to see how you style your metallic/iridescent shoes! Comment below if you have any questions!



Halloween Tricks and Treats!

Happy Halloween Dolls!

Halloween is the day everyone gets to dress up and be their alter ego. Some people like to go all out and wear scary or sexy costumes, while others like to keep it simple and opt for a simple outfit. For the festivities for tonight and this weekend I will be sharing some tricks and treats to keep your Halloween effective and easy for people who want to dress up and others who want to keep it simple!

To start off lets talk about some treats. As said before some people decide to get dressed up in costumes and go all out. While others might want to keep it a little more simple. To embrace the Halloween spirit there are a couple of ways to feel festive without all of the heavy makeup and skimpy costumes. I decided to put two looks together to cater to two different events while staying holiday appropriate while staying simple.


Bloody Chic

The first look, Bloody Chic“, is the perfect outfit for a dinner and then a night on the town. Since you don’t want to get all dressed up, this is a great time to try out a look you normally wouldn’t. This is definitely an outfit I love, however it’s out of my comfort zone. I decided to make the statement piece this feather jacket. On this spooky night this jacket will be super warm, while also giving character to this outfit. The jacket is perfect because it’s something out of the ordinary for this fun holiday. I decided to pair this look with a black leather skirt and platform ankle boots. To amp this Halloween look up, I accessorized with a cat detailed hat, red and black gems, and red lips. All of these accessories completes this bloody and chic look. Here’s where you can get all of the items in this look:


Crisp Bunny

The second look, Crisp Bunny“, is the perfect outfit if you’re looking for something that’s simple and class/work appropriate without being over the top. I have been in love with lace bunny ears ever since Rihanna sported them with Chanel. I thought it was the perfect piece to base this simple Halloween look. To go with the bunny theme, I decided to start this outfit off with a cozy fuzzy sweater, some lightly distressed boyfriend jeans, and some black leather ankle boots. To give this look some Halloween accents I accessorized with orange nail polish and lipstick, as well as some black gems. Even though this look is super simple, the lace bunny ears and orange and black accessories ties in this holiday in an effortless way. Below I will list where you can snag these items:

After putting on your costume or your everyday look, it’s important to complete it with the perfect makeup. To cap off this post I will share 5 tricks to make sure your makeup lasts all night, whether you’re wearing a full face or an everyday look.

  1. If you’re sporting a bight or dark lipstick it’s hard to make sure it won’t smudge all over your face during the night. To make sure your color choice stays on your lips, prep your lips with some concealer. Then outline your lips with a lipliner. This will make sure your lipstick won’t bleed off of your lips.
  2. If you’re wearing heavy makeup you want to keep your foundation matte the whole night. It will suck when you take pictures and it flash shows how oily your t zone is. To prevent that from happening, after your apply your foundation use a fluffy brush to apply some translucent loose power. This will keep your t zone matte and oily free.
  3. When applying heavy face makeup you want to keep your eyebrows from showing through. To make sure your eyebrows stay in place or hidden, simply use Elmer’s glue stick. This slicks down those eyebrow hairs and keep them in place. It also makes it easier to cover those eyebrows when applying heavy foundation or face paint. Bonus: Using Elmer’s glue also helps create wrinkles.
  4. For this year, if you’re planning to be a zombie, vampire, or anything that includes wounds or open cuts there’s an easy way to make those appear real. First draw your cut or bite marks with black pencil eyeliner. Then go over the marks with a deep red eyeshadow, make sure you smudge out the marks to make it appear as a fresh cut. This deep color will give the look of a fresh cut, now just add blood!
  5. To add extra drama to any look, casual or extreme there are a variety of lashes you can choose from! You can stay safe with a pair of demi wispys or you can visit Sephora or MAC and look at their over the top options.

I hope you have enjoyed these Halloween tricks and treats. To all of my readers, be creative, be safe, have fun, and have a happy Halloween!

Best, Jair xx

Fall Trend 2013: Winter White

As the temperature is finally starting to drop and the leaves are finally changing, it is time to embrace the fall weather. There are plenty of trends that are super chic and easy to follow. While interning, working, or going to class it is important to be comfortable while being stylish. One of my favorite trends this fall are all white outfits! Wearing this vibrant crisp color will set you apart and help you stand out.  This monochromatic look can be easy to assemble and is an easy way to look put together in a short period of time.


This affordable outfit is perfect for work. To break up the crisp white and give it a winter feel, maroon or bordeaux accessories work perfectly.

Here is an affordable outfit I have put together. Being a college student while interning can be expensive. I love so many elements about this outfit. The silk shirt its loose fitting and is forgiving for any figure. This shirt paired with this simple cropped trouser gives a polished yet comfortable look. The pop of bordeaux gives this crisp look a fall appropriate vibe. To look chic and put together it is easy to throw together and affordable all white outfit.


This outfit is perfect if you have a higher budget and plan on going to an evening outing. What sets this look apart is the use of gold and black as accents to balance the white.

For people who have a higher budget, yet want to achieve a similar look, I have put an outfit together for you too. This outfit is more appropriate when it’s a bit chilly. Also, is perfect for a night time outing. I loved the texture of this Fendi sweater and thought it was the perfect piece to base an all white outfit around. Pairing this comfy sweater with some basic white jeans, give this look a causal yet put together vibe. Accessorizing with a black leather bag, white and gold booties, and gold jewelry gives this look a nighttime funky chic vibe and I love it! This is definitely an outfit you can wear on a girls night out.

If you’re going to work or a night out on the town, these looks are perfect to stand out while getting fab for fall. I hope you have enjoyed these looks! Stay tuned for more Fall trends throughout the week! Stay beautiful.

-Best, Jair xx