NYFW: Tadashi Shoji and Desigual

“Every year the women of New York leave the past behind and look forward to the future… this is known as Fashion Week.” –Carrie Bradshaw

Finally, after all of the years of watching/keeping up with NYFW online I have finally made my way to Lincoln Center. Every woman dreams of this moment and it’s a beautiful feeling to experience the madness and excitement of NYFW. The fashion editors at Women’s Health were kind enough to allow myself and another assistant go to the Tadashi Shoji and Desigual shows to represent the magazine.

IMG_1985The first show I attended was Tadashi Shoji. While entering the venue I was beyond excited to finally be in Lincoln Center during the most wonderful time of the year. I was even more excited when I found out I was sitting in the second row. While I was waiting for the show to start, I noticed June Ambrose and Jay Manuel sitting across from me. Anyway, the spring 15 collected started in Ca’ d’Oro, Venice, and this gorgeous place inspired Shoji for the collection. In the collection there was close attention to intricate detailing, which was paired with transparencies. There was mesh, tulle, multi-colored jewels, structured dresses that were airy and effortless. Beautiful pastels of jade, pink, and blue were incorporated in layers, along with ivory and navy. This collection was truly beautiful and breathtaking. I can already tell many celebs will be wearing these amazing pieces on the red carpet.

Here are some photos from the show:

IMG_2127 IMG_2132

IMG_2141The next show I attended was Desigual. This show was completely different from the first and I loved it! It was upbeat with beautiful colors and patterns. The designs were out of my comfort zone, but it was awesome to be there.  Adriana Lima opened and closed the show, so we already knew it was going to be phenomenal. The collection was inspired by natures florals and fauna. There were tons of Mediterranean and South American patterns that were being used throughout the collection. I cannot wait to see this collection being incorporated into everyday looks.


Here are some photos from the show:

IMG_2180 IMG_2172 IMG_2156 I had a wonderful time at NYFW, and I would love to be apart of the festivities in Feb. Hopefully, you enjoyed this post. What were your favorite shows from NYFW, MFW, LFW and PFW? Leave a comment below!



My Five Favorite New York Fashion Week Collections

New York Fashion Week is a two-week long event every girl, especially New Yorkers, dream of attending. Since I was at school, about 6 hours away, I had to watch these beautiful shows online.  However, I had the coziest, warmest, and the best seat in the house, hands down! Many designers brought out there A game for fashion week. In this post, I will be sharing with you my five favorite Spring/Summer 14 collections. (By the way, these aren’t in any specific order)


#1 BCBG Max Azria

Fashionista was able to ask the legendary Max Azaria who is the BCBG woman.  He simply said “She’s a woman of 2014 who’s in love with the world—she’s modern). BCBG’s collection embraced black, white, floral prints, and pastels while keeping the looks crisp and clean. Azaria was able to combine all of my favorite elements into one beautiful collection, bravo! Look 32 of his collection was one of my all time favorites. I love to embrace black during the warmer months, so I was very excited to see this beauty. The lace and tooling gave this feminine gown an edgy vibe!


Image#2 Rebecca Taylor

Rebecca Taylor was able to create a stunning Spring/Summer collection that people wanted to get their hands on ASAP, especially me. Taylor used crisp white, vibrant colors, leather, and denim (of course) to make her collection stand out. From her tailored blazers, peplum tops, to chic leather vests, this collection literally blew me away. This was my favorite look! I was in love with how great the crisp white looked against the grey. I also loved the contrast between the wool sweater and the white mesh track pants. All I can say is, OBSESSED!


Image#3 Rachel Zoe

My favorite stylist showed the fashion world, once again, that she isn’t someone to be messed with.  Zoe’s Spring/Summer collection was inspired by travel and it definitely showed in her collection. I loved her safari inspired blazers, shorts, maxi dresses, and silk pantsuits. This collection would be perfect to channel your inner boho chic gal. Look 2 was my absolute favorite of this collection. Since I love to keep my outfits pretty simple, this is something that would make me step out of my comfort zone. I loved the rich forest color of the silk shorts in contrast to the white crisp shirt and taupe knit sweater. Can we say #SafariPrincessHitsNY, absolutely love it!



Image#4 Badgley Mischka 

Mark Badgley and James Mischka were inspired by the 50s and it shined bright all throughout their Spring/Summer collection. This feminine collection embraced flapper dresses, while also incorporating white, navy, grey, pastels, and purple. There was one component of their show that completely took my breath away, the gowns! Every girl dreams of the few occasions where she can wear a beautiful floor length gown, this collection made me wish I can live one of those occasions right now. Their gowns were delicately made with jewels, beads, pearls, lace, glitter and chiffon. My personal favorite was look 46. This gown was perfect! The beading, the fabric, the tooling, and the way it looked on the model made everything about this absolutely perfect. I think we can all agree that this gown is a show stopper!


Image#5 Betsey Johnson

All hail Betsey Johnson! During NYFW Johnson made a fab comeback and I was pleased to say her collection was fun and flawless! Johnson was able to show her inner spunk by having a fun and relaxed show. Inspired by the 80s, Johnson was able to keep some of her signature elements such as leopard print, glitter, lace, floral prints, and leather. My favorite look, even though it was hard to choose, was look 28. This fun gown reminded me to the Betsey Johnson collected I loved as a child. I loved how she used black, grey, and silver tooling to create a full fun and statement gown. I would love to see this gown on someone who has a full, bright personality… It would be a perfect match!


I really hope you guys enjoyed my favorites for New York Fashion Week. What designers had your favorite looks or what designers left you disappointed? I would love to hear your opinions! I hope everyone has a great weekend! Xo


Betsey Johnson’s Fierce Comeback!


I remember when I was a junior/senior in High School; I was obsessed with Betsey Johnson’s fashion line. From the bright colors and bold prints for her handbags to the black lace, glitter, and ballerina inspired tutus for her gowns, I loved everything about her lines. Everyday I sported my bright pink metallic leopard print BJ backpack. In 2012, I was beyond shocked to hear that she was filing for bankruptcy. After much research I found out that it was because her line was way to expensive for her target market, which didn’t come as a shock to me.

I was surprised with the things her PR team did to keep Betsey relevant through it all. Betsey decided to come out with a reality show called “Betsey + Lulu” which aired in July of 2012. She also released a second fragrance called “Too Too” Pretty and also has a third fragrance developing. Betsey’s team continued to strive to keep Betsey relevant even though her fashion empire was falling.

As a Betsey Johnson fan I was extremely excited to hear that she was going to have a show during fashion week. Betsey decided to have a dress line that was catered to her younger audience. The dresses are going to retail at a more affordable price. However, she will still dedicate part of her line to her older audience. On Wednesday, September 12th Betsey’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection hit the runway. To say the least the show was bright, fun, and was a party. Her 80’s inspired looks we represented perfectly on the runway with special thanks to her energetic, playful, and beautiful models. Her classic collection ranged from punk couture to flirty and sweet gowns. Her signature tutu’s, glitter, lace, cheetah print, and floral ensembles floated down the runway and made a lasting impression. (For pictures of her SS 14 collection: Betsey Johnson Spring / Summer 2014)

 At the end of the show Betsey strutted down the runway with her granddaughters. I was pleased to see that she still had that special spunk and still did her fabulous signature cartwheel. However, this time she showed us how she was passing the torch to her granddaughters who also did the signature cartwheel and split. This was the perfect touch to Betsey’s perfect show. This show just reminded me of how much I love Betsey Johnson’s collection. I can only image how happy and proud Betsey and her PR team are, especially since they have come so far and they have done and continue to do a fantastic job.


Cameron Russell: Looks aren’t everything. Believe me, I’m a model.

This video caught my eye on Tumblr a few months ago. In light of New York Fashion Week, I thought it would be a great time to share this story.

Cameron Russell, a model for 10 years, hosted this Ted Talk. She decided to speak to the public about how rigged the industry is. She starts off by saying “image is powerful, image is superficial”. I thought that this quote was extremely powerful and it opens up a certain dialogue that can seem negative to many. Russell explains her success as a model to be a lottery. That she was looked at as “beautiful” because she was tall, slender, and has white skin. For a while now, beauty as been associated with a thin figure, straight or wavy long hair, with fair skin, and light eyes.

As we all noticed, there is a lack of diversity in the fashion industry. This problem has constantly been addressed; however even in New York Fashion Week we still see limited diversity on the runways. Russell said that in 2007 a NYU PhD student counted 677 models and only 27 of those models were nonwhite. While I thought this was a great opportunity to speak more about discrimination, she turned the subject back to how you shouldn’t aspire to be a model.

Another great concept Russell brought up was stop and frisk. Russell said, “I pay no cost because of what I look like. While other people are paying a cost because of what they look like.” I thought this was important because she is recognizing what is happening in our community every day. She said in 2011 over 120,000 blacks and Latino kids between the ages of 14 & 18 were stopped and frisked. Then she begins to talk about young women and their self-esteem. I think overall this was a good Ted Talk, however I wish she would have pin pointed her argument on one aspect of discrimination. It seemed a little scattered however, I enjoyed how she had the courage to bring up the topic and speak her mind on it.

If this has interested you, the video is only about 10 minutes long. Take the time and read it. Then let me know what you think about her speech and this topic.

I hope everyone continues to have a great weekend!