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Alexander Wang x H&M

IMG_2890I’ve never participated in a major collaboration launch because the location of my school made it difficult. Finally, I have been able to indulge in one of these amazing collaborations. About a week ago the Alexander Wang x H&M collection hit the stores. My best friend Ashley and I stood outside in the chilly rain to get our hands on the collection. The line or the wait wasn’t bad at all.

First off I’d like to say that the collection was pleasing to the eye, yet a little painful for the wallets. The collection was made with quality materials, which was awesome considering the prices. However, some of the materials weren’t exactly flattering for most body types. The products that were made out of scuba material definitely were not flattering.

IMG_2893I managed to pick up this black “sweater”, which is actually more like a shirt. I loved the detail throughout the shirt and the combination of the fabric with mesh. It’s such a great piece; I’ll definitely get a lot of use from it. One thing I can say about the collection is the pieces run a little larger. I managed to pick up an extra-small when I’m usually a small/medium in tops. This top is lovely and I cannot wait to style it when it gets a bit warmer out. Below are some photos of the shirt and the items it came with.IMG_2898IMG_2897IMG_2899What pieces were you able to snag and what are your thoughts of the collection? Feel free to show me via social media. Simply Hashtag #fashionroyaltyblog and tag me, @fpr_royalty.


My Five Favorites from Milan Fashion Week!

I’m back once again to share my top 5 favorites from Milan Fashion Week. Sorry it has taken me a while to post my favorites, I have been swamped with school work. But here I am, so let’s get into the main attraction. Milan Fashion Week has been one of my favorite fashion weeks because of the architecture and where the designers decide to showcase their collections.

Image#1 Roberto Cavalli

To be 100% honest, it was so hard for me to pick on picture as my fav from this collection. Cavalli was able to have a lively show to debut this gorgeous collection. This Spring/Summer 2014 collection was inspired by the 20’s, had plenty of Gatsby and old Hollywood glam inspired looks. Who wouldn’t absolutely love a collection like this?! I was in love with the use of python, fur,  intricate beading, and flapper dresses. I also loved how there was a beautiful combination of pastel, white, grey and black.  Look 21 was one of my many favorites because of this minimalistic yet glamorous combination.  I loved how the blazer and blouse fit and didn’t take away from the beaded trousers, also the strappy sandal and mirrored aviators were a great accessory choice. I just want every look from this collection!!!

Image#2 Max Mara

Even though Max Mara’s Spring/Summer collection was very similar to their past collection, there were some elements that I enjoyed. As a lover of monochromatic, this collection embraced it head on! These monochromatic looks ranged from neutrals and grey to bright bold colors. For this collection Max Mara also pared the models with matching purses  or clutches, and I thought this was a nice touch. Look 22 was one of my favorite looks. This look was similar to another look in a more neutral color. This version was one of my favs because it was something I didn’t expect from Max Mara, especially the bold color. This look is very effortless and eye catching. Well done, Max Mara.

Image#3 Dolce & Gabbana

Even though Dolce & Gabbana have been in hot water, they were able to concentrate on their collection and it definitely showed.  I’ve always been a fan of D&G, especially their show’s finale, but this collection has blow me away. This Spring/Summer collection was inspired by the ancient Sicilian temples, and it was beautiful! The looks ranged from romantic florals to rich colors to eye popping gold. This collection was a perfect combination of florals, texture, lace, polka dots, and more. I also loved how the accessories were flower wreaths around the models heads and gold coin accents. It was a perfect touch to the Sicilian inspired collection. There were plenty of looks throughout this collection that were my favorite. However, I could not ignore the finale. I was very pleased to see that Domenico & Stefano decided to stick to their signature finale. The models were dressed head to toe in gold and it was absolutely stunning. I wish nothing but the best for Domenico & Stefano & the brand.

Image#4 Jil Sander

Jil Sander Spring/Summer 2014 collection really embraced trends. All throughout this collection there were cropped tops, bra tops, sporty looks and cropped trousers. This modern, minimalistic yet sexy collection caught my eye because it was everything I would love in a collection. It was easy yet it was well put together and had character. The collection was mostly black, white, and navy, which I loved as well. Look 2 was one of my favorite looks of this collection. Even though it was a simple look I loved the detail put into the outfit. The white shirt was structured and it also had a nice printed pattern on it as well. This was balanced by the cropped navy trousers. I also like the accessories paired with this outfit. The black clutch and grey shoes were a nice touch.

Image#5 Gucci

Frida Giannini produced another successful collection. This collection was extremely unique. There was a beautiful combination of sporty looks while staying formal and glamourous. The Gucci Spring/Summer 2014 collection had tons of glitter and black while balancing it our with rich colors and bold patterns. This was one of my favorite collection because Giannini was able to balance the two contrasting colors. These looks were rather sexy, I could just imagine the amount of celebs who will be asking to wear this collection. It’s absolutely flawless. Look 42 was one of my favs from this collection. The use of the sheer fabric with the iridescent and glitter accents were brilliant. I loved how the kimono draped over the model and reveled the mesh bra. This was a complete look head to toe and everything about it was perfect.

I hope you have enjoyed another one of my fashion week favorites. I’ll be back later this week sharing my last fashion week favorites, Paris. Also, I will be posting another post tonight so stay tuned! I hope every one will enjoy the rest of their Monday.

-Best, Jair xo