Clarisonic Pedi, Splurge or Not to Splurge?

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Tonight I am asking the question, is it worth the splurge to be able to give yourself grade A pedicures every time at home?

As a student I know it can be tough to find the time to indulge in a pedi every two weeks, yet alone pay for one. Especially, since I opt for a solid color every time, nothing fancy. We begin to ask ourselves, why can’t we get the same or better results at home? Well, the beloved Clarisonic has finally given us a solution to ending dry and rough feet. However, it’ll cost you a pretty penny but I promise in the end it’s worth it.


This photo was courtesy of the Clarisonic website!
This is exactly what you’ll receive (including a charger) when you purchase the Clarisonic Pedi.

The Clarisonic Pedi Sonic Foot Transformation System is designed to smooth, soften, and hydrate dry and rough heels and toes. As soon as I heard of this gadget, I was interested. 91% of users have reported softer and rejuvenated feet and 10x softer and smoother feet. The Clarisonic Pedi comes with the pedi device and a couple of other things:

  • Pedi Wet/Dry Buffing Brush Head: this little baby does most of the work, it’s supposed to transform your dry, cracked heels in minutes by exfoliating all of the dead skin
  • Pedi Smoothing Disk:  it’s used to smooth the rough skin
  • Pedi-Buff Sonic Foot Smoothing Treatment: this exfoliating scrub will remove excess dry skin with a blend of lactic acid, apricot seed & a tri-fruit complex
  • Pedi-Balm Sonic Foot Softening Treatment: this balm hydrates the skin by using shea butter, honey, and apricot oil (and it doesn’t leave a oily or sticky feeling after)
  • Pedi-Boost Sonic Foot Renewing Peel: this treatment helps exfoliate and renew the skin

All of these goodies are included when purchasing this kit. I think this comes in handy because the Clarisonic Pedi is waterproof, so it’s super easy to use while you’re taking a soothing bath or in the shower. When purchasing, it also comes with a two year warranty. I’m pretty sure this gadget will last a long time and you will get many uses out of it.

The retail price for the Clarisonic Pedi is $199. After doing the math, you spend way more getting weekly pedis than you would with this DIY pedi gadget. For a step by step guide on how to use this baby, visit Elle’s blog!

So the question I am asking everyone is, will you ditch your fav nail salon for a cozy DIY pedi while using the Clarisonic Pedi?

Let me know your comments and opinions!

Best, Jair xx


Revlon x Marchesa

I am always a fan of more affordable lines collaborating with luxury brands. I think it’s great that designers try to get their products out to customers who can’t spend that type of money on clothes (ex. broke college students, I’m guilty!) I also think it’s a great move with their PR teams because it’s allowing more people to buy products and support brands they normally wouldn’t.

ImageI’m pleased to say that the Marchesa x Revlon nail art is now available in stores. Revlon by Marchesa 3D Jewel Appliques resemble some of Marchesa’s collection. The intrecite design, beading and embroidery has always been elements that made this brand well known. I think it’s so exciting that these details will no be available in nail art. It has been a trend for a while to have statement standout nails, so I think this is the perfect product to achieve that.
ImageThe collection will have 8 limited edition appliques (well nail wraps). Each will be textured and have 3D jewels on them to give them a look that resembles Marchesa gowns perfectly. Each wrap costs $9.99, so it’s supper affordable to have chic and unique nails. This is just the beginning for Revlon x Marchesa. They plan on coming out with nail polish, eye pallets, lip sticks and glosses, and beauty tools. This part of the collection will debut later in 2013 and 2014.
As said before I’m extremely excited to get my hands on this collection. I think it was perfect timing because nail art is all the rage these days. It’s the perfect way to get professional looking nails without the price.
-Best Jair xx